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Infectious Diseases Prevention, Control and Cure
  • Handwashing
  • Asepsis
  • Disinfection Methods
  • Reduce Number of Sex Partners
  • Abstinence
  • Early Diagnosis of Infectious Diseases
  • Standard Environmental Cleaning
  • Sterilization Methods

Cleaning dirty surfaces without paying attention to proper hygiene can lead to these germs spreading into other areas. Sometimes, while we do our daily chores, we end up picking germs on our hands without knowing. They would then ultimately spread to anything we contact until the following time we get an opportunity to wash our hands. 

Moreover, in the event that an individual is experiencing viral sickness like influenza, the minuscule drops of dampness coming from their mouth can spread germs noticeable all around when they inhale wheeze, or hack.           

  • Washing your hands with soap and water, thoroughly and frequently
  • Covering your nose and mouth when you sneeze or cough
  • Disinfecting frequently touched surfaces in your home and workplace
  • Avoiding contact with sick people or sharing personal items with them
  • Not drinking or swimming in contaminated water supplies
  • Not eating or drinking food and beverages prepared by people who are sick

Cure: The solution for infectious disease includes a medicine, a careful activity, an adjustment in way of life, or even a philosophical attitude that helps end an individual's sufferings; or the condition mended, or relieved. The medical condition could be a mental illness, disease, disability, or simply a condition a person considers socially undesirable, such as lack of breast tissue or baldness.

A serious infection might be a terminal sickness; alternately, a curable illness can still result in the patient’s death.

WCID 2022 Speakers
Speaker at World Congress on Infectious Diseases 2022 - Sarah El Nakeep

Sarah El Nakeep

Ain Shams University, Egypt
Speaker at World Congress on Infectious Diseases 2022 - Ahmed Hegazi

Ahmed Hegazi

National Research Center Dokki, Egypt
Speaker at World Congress on Infectious Diseases 2022 - Leticia M Estevinho

Leticia M Estevinho

Campus de Santa Apolónia, Portugal

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