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WCID 2024

Akanle Olanrewaju Basil

Akanle Olanrewaju Basil, Speaker at 

Infectious Diseases Conferences
University of Lagos, Nigeria
Title : Knowledge and attitude on sexually transmitted infections among widows in Lagos State, Nigeria


The study examines the knowledge and attitudes of widows towards sexually transmitted infections (STIs) by analyzing the significance of various dependent and independent variables. The analysis reveals several key findings. Firstly, the overall model, as indicated by Pillai’s Trace value of 0.835, demonstrates the significant predictive power of the combination of independent variables concerning the dependent variables. The high F Hypothesis value of 127.058 further supports the robustness of the model fit, with a statistically significant Sig. value of 0.000, indicating the model's overall significance.

Moreover, the specific independent variables related to knowledge about diseases through sexual intercourse and awareness of means to prevent STIs also exhibit substantial contributions to the model. The Pillai’s Trace values of 0.238 and 0.315 for knowledge about diseases through sexual intercourse and awareness of means to prevent STIs, respectively, signify their significant impact on the dependent variables. The low Sig. values of 0.000 further confirm the statistical significance of the relationships between these variables and the dependent variables.

In conclusion, the analysis underscores the importance of knowledge about diseases through sexual intercourse and awareness of means to prevent STIs in shaping the knowledge and attitudes of widows towards STIs. These findings provide valuable insights for the development of targeted interventions and educational strategies aimed at promoting sexual health awareness and preventive practices among widows. This abstract provides a concise summary of the significance of the identified variables and their impact on the knowledge and attitudes of widows towards STIs, based on the data presented in the analysis.

Audience Take Away: 

  • Novel and original research work concerning widows' knowledge and attitudes on Sexually Transmitted Infections.
  • STI prevention practices engaged in by widows in their sexual relationships with their partners.
  • It will expose the audience to the importance of knowledge and awareness of those infections that can be contracted by the widows through sexual intercourse.


Mr Olanrewaju Basil Akanle studied at the University of Lagos, Nigeria and graduated with a Master of Science degree in 2020. He therefore embarked on his MPhil / PhD in 2024 and currently engaging himself with the population health research group of Professor John Lekan OYEFARA at the Department of Sociology, Faculty of Social Sciences, University of Lagos, Nigeria. Olanrewaju has published three research works in international journals after his Bachelor's degree graduation in the years past.


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