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Surya Prakash Tadepalli

Surya Prakash Tadepalli, Speaker at Infection Conferences
Jai Surya Multiple Knowledge Development Organization, India
Title : "Combatting corona: Unveiling the microscopic threat and crafting a scientific solution"


Introduction: The fear surrounding the coronavirus stems from several factors. Despite its microscopic size, it poses a significant threat due to its ability to cause severe illness and its challenging detectability. Lack of knowledge about the virus and its behavior further exacerbates this fear, as uncertainty often breeds anxiety.

The Threat of the Coronavirus: The coronavirus primarily spreads through respiratory droplets and can survive on surfaces for varying periods, depending on environmental conditions. Once inside the body, particularly through the nasal airways, the virus targets the alveoli in the lungs, leading to inflammation and potentially severe respiratory distress. Emergency medical intervention is crucial in severe cases to prevent fatalities.

Addressing the Fear: Efforts to combat the virus involve a multi-faceted approach, including public health measures such as hygiene practices, social distancing, and vaccination. Understanding the virus's biology and replication process is key to developing effective treatments and preventive measures.

Preventative Measures: It's essential to disseminate accurate information about the virus and promote proactive measures to protect individuals and communities. By addressing factors contributing to the virus's spread, such as inadequate sanitation and lack of awareness, and investing in research and public health infrastructure, we can work towards minimizing its impact and ultimately eradicating it.

Conclusion: The fear of the coronavirus is understandable given its potential for severe illness and its challenging detectability. However, through concerted efforts and collective action, we can overcome this threat and mitigate its devastating effects on global health and well-being. With continued research, education, and proactive measures, we can work towards a future free from the fear of the coronavirus.

Note: What precisely is the corona virus, how does it infect us, how does it enter our lungs and infect them, how does it kill individuals in the end, and how does it die? I have covered all the details in the post, including how it kills us and how to stop it. In my own speech, I will also go over everything in detail.

Audience Take Away:

  • The audience will gain valuable knowledge about the coronavirus, including its transmission, effects on the human body, and preventative measures. This understanding will empower them to take proactive steps to protect themselves and their communities.
  • Understanding the coronavirus and its implications can benefit individuals in various professions by enabling them to make informed decisions, adapt their practices, and contribute to broader efforts to mitigate the impact of the pandemic.
  • Overall, the research and knowledge surrounding the coronavirus offer ample opportunities for faculty members to expand their research agendas, enhance their teaching effectiveness, and foster interdisciplinary collaboration to address the multifaceted challenges posed by the pandemic.
  • Understanding the coronavirus and its implications can provide practical solutions that simplify or make a designer's job more efficient, particularly in fields such as architecture, interior design, product design, and event planning.
  • Understanding the coronavirus and its implications can improve the accuracy of a design and provide new information to assist in solving design problems.
  • (a) Enhanced Resilience (b) Improved Sustainability (c) Innovation Opportunities (d) User Well-being (e) Community Engagement (f) Economic Opportunities (g) Adaptability and Future-proofing (h) Global Collaboration (i) Public Trust and Confidence (j) Long-term Impact


Education: MS-Clinical Microbiology, M.S-Psychology, MS-Dietetics, MS – Organic Chemistry, BAMS, MBA, MA-Dance, PGDCPA, DAFE, PGDY, D. Psychotherapy, D. Sports injury management, D. Anatomy and Physiology, DNHE, LL. B, and BS-BZC
Skills: Include Healthcare, Prevention And Management of old Age, Child Care, Free Medical Camps, Epidemiological Infectious Diseases Management, Health Education, Counseling, SelfDiagnosis, Rejuvenation, Purification Therapy, Health Fitness, Environmental Awareness, Chronic And Incurable Disease Management, And Self-Confidence Development.
Research paper: “On Early Stages Indian Medicine Substitute for Heart Surgeries”, “Aids Is Not Frightful It Can be Cured”, “Novel Remedial Approaches against Virulent Coronaviruses”, “Indian Classical Dance is The Best Medicine for Diabetes and Heart Diseases”, “Prevention and Management Of Old Age Problems”, “Why to Scare of Fistful Heart”, “SelfDiagnosis and Its Management in Zero Investment”.
• “Spoorthi Sikharam National Award” issued on 24-12-2023 by Aryani Sakala Kala Vedika in Karimnagar, Telangana state, India
• Healthcare excellence in cancer research in Indian system of medicine on 13-11-2023, Radisson blue international hotel, new Delhi
• Healthcare excellence award issued on “cancer research in Indian system of medicine” in India excellence awards and conference, 2023. Prime time research media private limited – bringing life to services, on 12/10/2023, Radisson blue international hotel, new Delhi
• "life time achievement award" issued by national healthcare & wellness awards & conference, hotel Radisson blue, new Delhi
• “Covid warrior” awarded by TSHA, 2020, high tech city, Hyderabad
• “Covid warrior” national award by ET-E-TG, 2021, Dehradun
 A national symposium on “Unfolding Uttarakhand” awarded a certification and memento for the power point presentation on “ONCOCURE” on Aug. 25, 2022, Dehradun
• “the excellence” awarded by Himalaya international on the occasion of world health day, 2006
• “Shirmani” awarded on international aids day, Taj Bengal, Calcutta, 2000, west Bengal
• “KAVIMITRA” award by PMKYS, state level, Andhra Pradesh
• “Vruksha Mitra” award issued by member of parliament - Kannam Srinivasa Rao memorial trust, Visakhapatnam, Andhra Pradesh
• “Miraculous Doctor” is presented in remote and rural tribal areas, Munchungputti, Paderu, visakhapatnam district, Andhra Pradesh


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