Title: Possible modellings of Environmental Parameters and Impacts on Intensity of Infectious Diseases

Mohemid Maddallah Al-Jebouri

University of Tikrit, Iraq


Mohemid M Al-Jebouri has completed B.S.,M.Sc. and Ph.D. degrees in age of 27 years from Mosul and Wales Universities respectively, and postdoctoral studies from Swansea University
He trained in infectious diseases modeling by Harvard University. He is full professor leading a research group of clinical microbiology/immunology at Medical College of Tikrit University in Iraq. He published more than 90 papers most of them in reputed journals and serving as an editorial board member of repute.


There are different parameters which interact together for final production for infectious disease scenario. These are human body including its physiology and biochemistry particularly hormones and vitamins, immunity, pathogen and its genotypic, phenotypic and resistance particularly to antibiotics and environmental stress and / or adverse conditions. We have a triangle composed of pathogen, antibiotic and immunity and the heart i.e the center of this triangle is the man who is the target of the pathogen attack. The pathogen attack and its intensity depend totally on the environment controlling the different parameters of the triangle and its components. The attack rate, incidence and prevalence of any infectious disease and its severity depend on the environmental impact and conditions like temperature, season, radiations, humidity, noise, risk factors and adverse conditions which are affecting both man and his pathogen. Vaccination and other acquired means of immunity are also sort of environmental interference with human body and directly and indirectly affecting pathogen and its ability to invade human body. Antibiotic resistance is not far from the environment impact on its dynamics and transmissibility from pathogen to pathogen and indirectly from man to man weither in hospital or among community. All these parameters are interact with each other as a triangle inside a circular area so-called environment. All these variables are moving in a dynamic circular motion controlled by mathematical as well as statistical roles and formulas needed to be understand carefully by any worker on infectious diseases before abling to conclude a real theory explaining the scenario of any infectious disease.