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Esete Assefa Yigezu, Speaker at Infectious Diseases Conferences
Ethiopian Public Health Institute, Ethiopia
Title : Epidemiology of laboratory confirmed measles virus cases under the age of less than 5 in Ethiopia, 2017-2021


Measles is a highly contagious viral infection causing large outbreaks all over the world. Despite the availability of safe and cost effective vaccine, measles remained endemic with persistent periodic outbreaks in the Horn of Africa. The aim of this study is to characterize laboratory confirmed measles cases in the highly affected regions of Ethiopia.

A suspected measles case was defined as any person presenting with fever, maculopapular rash and one or more of the three symptoms cough, coryza or conjunctivitis or a patient in whom a clinician suspects measles. A blood sample was collected for any measles suspected patient with a case based investigation form and specimen transported to the National Measles Laboratory in good condition where it was to be tested for Measles IgM antibody by ELISA technique. Data was entered, finaly merged and analyzed at National Measles laboratory using Epi-Info 3.5.3 software.

A total of 13353 samples were tested for measles IgM over year (2017-2021) and of these 6286 with age ≤5 . Of the tested samples, 1338 (21.3 %) were found positive, while 4103 and 134 samples were found to be negative and equivocal (compatible) respectively. Around 711 samples were not tested due to kit shortage Patients with age ≤5 years were the most affected. The most affected region Oromia 616(46%),Amhara 235(17.6%) and Addis Ababa185(13.8%) sequentially . A seasonal peak was noted in the hot-dry season of the year.

Measles remains to be a public health problem in all Region of Ethiopia, mostly affecting people ≤5 years of age. Measles virus was detected in all zones of the state, reaching its peak in the hot-dry season. To reduce the incidence of measles, it is highly recommended to improve routine immunization, and conduct a wide age group campaign.
Additional research to evaluate the knowledge, attitudes and practices of the general population and health care professionals about measles infection and vaccination is important. Genotyping of circulating measles virus strain is recommended.
Key words : Measles, IgM, ELISA, Equivical

Audience take-away
To know the epidemiology of the Measles virus in Ethiopia
To assess the possible risk factors for the Measles virus
To conduct genotyping of circulating measles virus strain
To evaluate sero-convergent of the measles vaccine in a county
To work with other researches to strength the capacity of the country


Esete Assefa, was born in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. After finishing high school at St’Marry catholic school .She performed her Bsc by Medical laboratory in Jimma University. She studied her Msc in clinical laboratory microbiology in AAU. She is working at Ethiopian Public health institute (EPHI) as researcher .She was working also with different responsibility as Bio-safety officer, focal person of Measles and Rubella, supervisor of the laboratory and coordinating the National polio and Measles laboratory at EPHI .And now she is attending her PhD at Jimma university at department of Medical Microbiology .