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WCID 2021

Amanda Henriques Cavalheiro

Amanda Henriques Cavalheiro, Speaker at Infectious Diseases Conferences
Faculdade de Medicina de Ribeirao Preto - USP, Brazil
Title : Leprosy: how to help patients with relapses?


Therapies and procedures to improve the quality of life of patients and adherence to treatment is a concern for the SUS and for health professionals. To test the hypothesis that the educational instruments developed by the researcher, as well as the pharmacotherapeutic monitoring of pharmaceutical care, increase the adherence to the treatment of patients diagnosed with leprosy in a high-complexity hospital. From the data, educational materials were produced and tested on patients. Then, the impact of follow-up and instructional materials on treatment adherence was evaluated. Treatment adherence increases after the intervention of pharmaceutical care and health education, as per the Morisky treatment test. The methodology was more effective in male patients with low education than in women, who already had high adherence. In addition, it was possible to identify that the Morisky and Haynes adhesion tests, used in the work, completely differed in their results, they occur to reflect the use of such tools in research in the area. Conclusion: it is possible to increase patient treatment adherence through health education programs and pharmaceutical care.


Graduated in Pharmacy-Biochemistry from the University of São Paulo (USP), Research and Development Analyst for the Medicines, Cosmetics and Food Industry with project development in the Natural Products area together with USP; Specialist in Pharmacology and Drug Interactions and Specialist in Teaching in Higher Education. Health Instructor in education programs for patients with chronic and rare diseases. Taught classes for vocational courses. She has already been a Responsible Pharmacist in a distributor of medicines and drugstores. She is currently Professor of Pharmacy Technician and is finishing her master's degree at FMRP - USP, working with leprosy patients


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