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Arshad Islam

Arshad Islam, Speaker at Infectious Diseases Conferences
Arshad Islam
Governemnt Lady Reading Hospital Medcial Teaching Institution, Pakistan


Driven by a passion for combating disease, Dr. Arshad Islam brings his expertise in metal-based drug design to the medical field. With a PhD in Biological Chemistry and postdoctoral experience in Physiology, Pharmacology and immunopathology, his research focuses on developing potent and effective therapies for leishmaniasis, Chagas disease, infections, and even cancer.

Dr. Islam's work delves into the intricate dance between metals and molecules, creating innovative organometallic and nanoscale drug delivery systems. His research, encompassing both lab and animal models, seeks to unlock the mysteries of disease biology and pave the way for improved treatments. With over 25 publications in prestigious journals and 7 book chapters, his dedication to sharing knowledge illuminates the path for future scientific advancements.

Committed to making a global impact, Dr. Islam's journey from international fellowships to his current role as an Assistant Professor and Consultant in Pakistan exemplifies his unwavering dedication to improving healthcare, one molecule at a time.


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