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Vijay Prabha

Vijay Prabha, Speaker at Infectious Diseases Conference
Vijay Prabha
Panjab University, India


She is former Professor in the Department of Microbiology, Panjab University, Chandigarh, India. She has 32 years of teaching and 42 years of research experience. Her area of expertise is “Role of microorganisms in male and female infertility, exploitation of microbial factors as male and female contraceptive agents, molecular mimicry between bacteria and spermatozoa, understanding bacteria sperm interaction at the receptor ligand level to develop immunocontraceptives, Probiotics and their role in amelioration of infertility, Cloning and characterization of sperm impairing factors isolated from microorganisms and their development as vaginal contraceptives, Protein profiling in unlocking the basis of microorganisms’ associated infertility”.

She has guided number of M.Sc. and Ph. D students. She has 107 publications in national and international journals. She has also presented her work in various national and international conferences as an invited speaker and keynote speaker. She is life member of Association of Microbiologists of India and Panjab University Research Journal of Science. She is national advisory editorial board member, editor and editorial board member of various national and international journals. She has been also DBT nominee in various Biosafety committees.


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