Potential speaker for Infectious Diseases conferences 2020
Mario Enrique Garcia Rodriguez
Institute of Tropical Medicine Pedro Kouri, Cuba
Title : Training program established by the Institutional Committee for the Care and Use of Laboratory Animals (IACUC) in pre-clinical trials on infectious diseases


The implementation in our institution, Regional Reference Center for the study of Tropical Diseases, of the Institutional Committee for the Care and Use of Laboratory Animals (IACUC), meant a change in the institutional approach in research with laboratory animals due to the need to respect the welfare of animals in the study of preclinical research. Our institution, with the collaboration of several institutions in our country, managed to establish an annual training program for both technicians and researchers in the ethical management of experimental animals where national and international basic concepts are updated with the aim of achieving research Reliable and reproducible. In addition, strategies were designed to encourage the proper development of research protocols that implicitly imply the use of animals for studies of infectious diseases. All this has resulted in 6 years of training a total of 168 participants in our courses between technicians and researchers of our institution, as well as other research centers inside and outside our country, in basic aspects of the welfare of our animals. For scientific purposes, it was also possible to raise awareness among all the staff who attended our courses to achieve high-quality research protocols where laboratory animals are used in accordance with national and international laws. Encourage the development of good practices in preclinical research in infectious disease studies and keep in mind that to carry out clinical research in infectious disease studies it is necessary to design correct preclinical research.


Dr. Mario Enrique García Rodríguez currently working as a specialist A integral in livestock and veterinary activities in Pedro Kouri Institute of Tropical Medicine (IPK) in Cuba. Mario Enrique García Rodríguez completed his Master of Science degree in Parasitology. He is the president of the Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee (IACUC) in the Pedro Kouri Institute of Tropical Medicine. He also a Member of the National Animal Welfare Commission.