Potential speaker for Infectious Diseases conferences 2020
Sumon Poddar
Institute of Child Health, India
Title : An Observational Analytical Retrospective Study on the Profile of Adenoviral Infection among Children Admitted In a Tertiary Care Centre in Eastern India


Human adenovirus (HAdV) causes upper and lower respiratory tract infections. However, there are few large prospective studies focused on HAdVs acute infections requiring hospitalization. A retrospective study was conducted on children admitted with acute respiratory infections with PCR positive adeno virus at Institute of Child Health, Kolkata from July 2018 to June 2019. Specimens of nasopharyngeal aspirate were taken for virological study by PCR and clinical data were recorded from hospital database. A total number of 106 cases of HAdVs were detected. Most of the outbreaks occurred during March-April 2019.  50 out of 106 cases fell between the age group of 0 to 12 months and 30 between 12 to 24 months. Fever was present in 95 cases. Mean duration of fever was 9.29 and that of hospital stay was 10.55. Hospital stay was higher in the age group of 0-12 months (mean 12.38). A total number of 77 cases had respiratory distress, more prevalent in less than 12 months.10 patients had co-infection with other viruses- parainfluenza 3 (40%) and parainfluenza 4 (40%) being most common. 26 patients underwent PICU admission. 16 (61.54%) of them belonged to <12 month of age. Mean duration of PICU stay was 10.05. Death occurred in 4 cases while 6 patients underwent discharge against medical advice.


Dr. Sumon Poddar studied MBBS in The University of North Bengal, India during 1998-2003. He passed Diploma in Child Health in 2009 and became MD in Microbiology in 2014 from The West Bengal University of Health Sciences, India. He is life members of Indian Academy of Paediatrics and also Indian Academy of Paediatrics Infectious Disease Chapter. He is now working as consultant in Paediatric Medicine along with HOD, Microbiology with In-Charge of Molecular Biology (Infectious Disease). He has been speaker and presented paper in different National and International conferences, like 17th INTERNATIONAL CONGRESS ON INFECTIOUS DISEASE(2016), 8th ASIAN CONGRESS ON PAEDIATRIC INFECTIOUS DISEASES at Bangkok, Thailand (2016) 23rd East Zone PEDICON & 35th WB PEDICON(2016), IACPCON & WBNEOCON(2018), etc. He has been Certified Trainer from Consortium of Accredited Healthcare Organizations (CAHO) for Antimicrobial Stewardship Implementation in Hospitals.